Thursday, December 25, 2014

Interior Designers & Decoration In Kolkata

The lifestyle around the world are changing rapidly. The effect of global changing is not exception in Kolkata's  lifestyles also. Before two decade ago middle class Bengali feels that a space for living is only required for them to spent rest of their life. Now the thinking has been changed. Kolkata's real estate is booming. They spent lots of money to purchase a flat or even more for house or bungalows. So they now thinking why should not utilize the maximum utilization of space in terms of space management. There comes the role of a good interior designer and decorator.

Anmol Decore Kolkata is a Interior designer and Decoration Company among the hundreds of other interior decoration company in kolkata. But is some little difference with others. Anmol Decore provides economical design which consist with the bottom line " minimum budget".

A Company of well repute in the Eastern Region of India, ANMOL DECORE, has proved its mettle by making a mark for itself in the field of interior designing, furnishings and electrical work. Anmol Decore also specialize in decorative glass paintings, etching and frosting work with great dexterity and precision.To bring in a revolution in the field of interior designing is what ANMOL DECORE aims and works for. So all that you get here is unique in quality, style and price. More to mention, ANMOL DECORE also offers Vastu consultancy and design consultancy services under its diversified wings.

Needless to mention, they have an excellent team of designers specialized in their respective fields of work. They work with dedication and care so as to evolve scintillating design concepts for excellent wall coating and textured paintings for both interior and exterior applications in industrial complexes, office premises, residential flats, hotels, restaurants, resorts, public utility places and halls, auditoriums, computer rooms and showrooms. This accounts for the remarkable headway the Company has made in interior decoration work.

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