Saturday, August 8, 2015

Hotels Architecture and Interior Design.

Greatest Hotels in The Earth.

The hotel Burj al-Arab

Location: Dubai, United Arab Emirates

Designer: Tom Wright (WS Atkins PLC), Khuan Chew.

Status: Complete.

Estimated project cost: $650 million.

Cost per person: $1,000 to over $28,000 per night, $75 to have a glimpse from inside.
Considered, unofficially, the world's first and only 7-star hotel.The 28 double-story floors of the hotel accommodate 202 luxury suites with prices ranging from $1,000 to over $28,000 per night (for the Royal Suite). The hotel also features 8 restaurants, including bars and lounges, latest business, conferencing, fitness and recreational facilities. Carved in the midst of white beaches and the blue waters of the Arabian Gulf, the Burj Al Arab is a dream come true.

The Poseidon Undersea Resort

Location: Fiji, The Poseidon Mystery Island

Designer: Bruce Jones

Status: Under construction, will be completed by September 2008

Estimated project cost: $105 million

Cost per person: $15,000 per week

Our pursuit of unique spaces now goes straight 1,200-square feet under the sea in the lap of Poseidon undersea resort. The world's first underwater resort will boast breathtaking coral reefs where you can literally immerse yourself. Surrounded by 5,000-acre lagoon, the Bruce Jones' Poseidon Mystery Island offers luxurious 550 square feet large suites.

Not only this, the Poseidon Resorts website says, 'the first 1,000 guests will have their names permanently inscribed on two monuments one on the island, and one on the floor of the lagoon.' Now, that's incredible!