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False Ceiling Idea Home Design

False Ceiling Idea Home Design

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A roof suspended a foot or more beneath the genuine roof to give space to and simple access to wiring and channels, or to adjust the measurements of a room called false ceiling. Effective building design requires balancing multiple objectives: aesthetics, acoustics, environmental factors, and integration with the building's infrastructure hence there arises a need for false ceilings for better acoustics, aesthetics, ambiance, lighting, covering service lines and for better environmental impacts. Now a days interior designing in Kolkata, false ceiling took a great aspect.

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It improves antithetical appearance ( form, color, treatment etc.) & proportions by managing room
heights basically and remaining are as follows:
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  • Hides ducting & reduces the volume of room Ugly structural members like beams etc that usually spoil the ‘look’ of the room are concealed.
  • Provides insulation from heat.
  • Acoustical improvement.
  • As a Interior design element to create various shapes and curves.
  • Fire safety is always a factor in several industrial buildings, ceiling tiles made from mineral fibers or fire-rated wood panels can be used within the construction to meet acceptable standards and ratings. Differing levels of fire protection are obtained from the various types of ceiling available.
  • Anti-microbial performance. The control of bio-contamination is essential in healthcare settings such as hospitals and large commercial kitchens.
  • Light reluctance. A ceiling with that reflects more light can reduce lighting and electricity costs.
  • To accommodate lighting systems. to provide lighting effects such as hidden lighting etc.
  • Soil resistance and clean ability. Environments that are subject to a lot of dirt such as certain manufacturing buildings may need ceilings that can resist dirt and are easy to clean.
  • At some places to hide ugly trusses(commonly known as attic)
  • Sound proof rooms such as meeting rooms, conference rooms, etc, which require a quit environment.
  • Echo reduction in cinema and concert halls.
  • Sound absorption reduces noises and reduces reverberation with in the area covered by the ceiling.
  • Reduces overall volume of the space which reduces air conditioning cost.
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Depending on the place of usage, ambiance needed and economy available. The most commonly used false ceiling materials are generally used in interior decoration in kolkata are

1) Gypsum boards. (Used in commercial use in interior decoration and interior designing)
2) Plaster of pairs (POP). (Commonly use in residential interior decoration and interior designing)
Other materials used are
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Metal ( aluminium, Asbestos)Mineral wool board, Poly vinyl chloride (PVC), UPVC, Wood, Polystyrene, Glass, Acrylic and Aluminium composite panel (ACP).

In the time of cramped spaces, the most ideal approach to play around with design and aesthetics of a room are some incredible false ceiling designs. They take up less of generally usable space. They can be utilized to plan diverse shapes along the real roofs, or along corners of partitions. One can make an impact of parceling or encase LED lights of different plans and hues. When these lights are settled, there is no prerequisite for having lights on dividers. This additionally adds to clean partitions which can then be composed in a considerable measure more ways. False ceiling can likewise be made utilizing a mix of numerous materials including POP, Gypsum, MDF, Wood, Laminate or even surface paints, Glass, Acrylic and so forth.

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To keep away from it from looking choked, false ceiling in a flat room may not so much be done from one end to the other. Lovely design examples can be utilized. At the point when done from one end to the other, utilizing fitting tiles can enhance the room's acoustics. It can likewise give a protecting impact because of air caught between real roof and the false one, in this way dialing down burden on the AC.

Recent days Interior design in kolkata where scarcity of space is huge, is great innovative workmanship to provide great design as per space management. Here false ceiling plays a great roll in interior design.

We at Anmol Decore a reputed interior designing farm in kolkata, do not provide wall to covering false ceiling in small houses. Instate of that we design according the illumination and aesthetic beautification and provide where false ceiling is necessary.

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Complementry Color Scheme

Complementry Color Scheme

Complimentary colors  are sets of colors which, when consolidated, counterbalance one another. This implies that when joined, they deliver a dim scale shading like white or black. When set by one another, they make the strongest contrast differentiation for those specific two colors. Because of this striking shading conflict, the term opposite colors  is frequently viewed as more proper than " Complimentary colors ".  



To call those tints contrary to one another" "supplements of one another" is proper. Integral hues draw out the best in one another. At the point when completely immersed supplements are united, fascinating impacts are discernible. This may be an alluring hallucination, or an issue if making visuals that are to be perused.

Notice the illusion of highlighted edges and raised text. This may occur when opposing colors are brought together.

Complementary colors, when utilized together as a part of shading plans, are particularly dynamic and satisfying to the eye. This is on the grounds that diverse sorts of cones (the photo-receptor cells in your eye that add to shading vision) see distinctive shades of light. On the off chance that you gaze for quite a while at a piece of shading and afterward rapidly take a gander at a white divider, you'll see a light afterimage in the inverse, or integral, shading.

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Hotels Architecture and Interior Design.

Greatest Hotels in The Earth.

The hotel Burj al-Arab

Location: Dubai, United Arab Emirates

Designer: Tom Wright (WS Atkins PLC), Khuan Chew.

Status: Complete.

Estimated project cost: $650 million.

Cost per person: $1,000 to over $28,000 per night, $75 to have a glimpse from inside.
Considered, unofficially, the world's first and only 7-star hotel.The 28 double-story floors of the hotel accommodate 202 luxury suites with prices ranging from $1,000 to over $28,000 per night (for the Royal Suite). The hotel also features 8 restaurants, including bars and lounges, latest business, conferencing, fitness and recreational facilities. Carved in the midst of white beaches and the blue waters of the Arabian Gulf, the Burj Al Arab is a dream come true.

The Poseidon Undersea Resort

Location: Fiji, The Poseidon Mystery Island

Designer: Bruce Jones

Status: Under construction, will be completed by September 2008

Estimated project cost: $105 million

Cost per person: $15,000 per week

Our pursuit of unique spaces now goes straight 1,200-square feet under the sea in the lap of Poseidon undersea resort. The world's first underwater resort will boast breathtaking coral reefs where you can literally immerse yourself. Surrounded by 5,000-acre lagoon, the Bruce Jones' Poseidon Mystery Island offers luxurious 550 square feet large suites.

Not only this, the Poseidon Resorts website says, 'the first 1,000 guests will have their names permanently inscribed on two monuments one on the island, and one on the floor of the lagoon.' Now, that's incredible!

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Anmol Decore Kolkata: Monochromatic Color Scheme in Interior Design

Anmol Decore Kolkata: Monochromatic Color Scheme in Interior Design: Monochromatic color scheme in interior design What is monochromatic color : Before we discuss about monochromatic color scheme we have...

Monochromatic Color Scheme in Interior Design

Monochromatic color scheme in interior design

What is monochromatic color : Before we discuss about monochromatic color scheme we have to have an idea about color shade ,Hue,Tint and tone of color.

What's the difference between a Hue and a Color? Most people, even the pros, get confused about this. Basically they mean the same thing and can be used interchangeably.

The words are a general terms to describe the color family on the Basic Color Wheel that your swatch is rooted in. They indicate the root of the variations we see. To make things simpler, think of a Hue as one of the twelve colors on the mixing wheel.

Most Color Wheels only show bright colors which can create confusion. It's not always easy to see that every color, even black, has a Primary, Secondary or Tertiary Color as its root.

Burgundy = the root Color or Hue is RED

Navy = the root Color or Hue is BLUE

Rust = the root Color or Hue is ORANGE


These are the family of twelve purest and brightest colors.
  • Three Primary Colors                                              
  • Three Secondary Colors
  • Six Tertiary Colors

They form the full spectrum of colors which progress around the Primary Color Wheel in gradual increments.With just these twelve colors, you can literally mix an infinite number of color schemes. Most of the time you will modify these twelve basic hues by mixing in other colors.

But nothing is stopping you from using them full-strength. This multi-color scheme would be bold, cheerful and exciting. It would be great in a child's playroom. Bright, bold selections can also work to grab attention in advertising and marketing graphics. Creating a painting with these would be a little jarring.


Every individual color on the Basic Color Wheel can be altered in three ways by Tinting, Shading or Toning. And that's before we even think about mixing two colors together. Let's start with Lightening the twelve basic colors to create Tints.A Tint is sometimes called a Pastel. Basically it's simply any color with white added.If you want to get a little more complicated, you can mix any of the twelve pure colors together.Then simply add any amount of white and you have created a pastel or tint of the mixture.
That means you can go from an extremely pale, nearly white to a barely tinted pure hue. Artists often add a tiny touch of white to a pure pigment to give the color some body. So for example a bright Red can quickly become a bright Pink.

A color scheme using Tints is usually soft, youthful and soothing, especially the lighter versions. All tints work well in in feminine environments. You often see advertising, marketing and websites use pale and hot pastels if they are targeting women as a demographic. In painting you might save your lightest pastels for the focal point or use pastels for the entire painting.


So now that you know how to lighten, what's the easiest way to make your colors darker?A Shade is simply any color with black added.Just as with making tints, you can mix any of the twelve pure colors together.Then simply add any amount of black and you have created a shade of the mixture.That means you can go from an extremely dark, nearly black to a barely shaded pure hue.
Most artists use black sparingly because it can quickly destroy your main color. Some artists prefer not to use it at all. Instead they understand the rules of color well enough to make their own black mixtures.                                             

Shades are deep, powerful and mysterious. Be careful not to use too much black as it can get a little overpowering. These darks work well in a masculine environment. They are best used as dark accents in art and marketing graphics.


Now that you understand how to lighten and darken your twelve colors how do you tone them down?Almost every color we see in our day-to-day world has been toned either a little or a lot. This makes for more appealing color combinations.  A Tone is created by adding both White and Black which is grey. Any color that is "grayed down" is considered a Tone. Tones are somehow more pleasing to the eye. They are more complex, subtle and sophisticated. 

Artists usually mix a little grey in every paint mixture to adjust the value and intensity of their pigment. Tones are the best choice for most interior decorating because they're more interesting. They work well in any Color Scheme you might plan.

A monochromatic shading plan utilizes a solitary shading on practically every room surface. In this sort of color scheme, different darker shades, grayer tones, and paler tints of the fundamental shading may be incorporated in the palette. In addition, the one color is often paired with white or another
neutral. A Monochromatic Color Scheme is made by taking any of the twelve Hues from the Basic Color Wheel and rehashing it in different Tints, Shades and Tones.

When it comes to design, color is king!  While they might appear totally effortless, beautiful interiors are executed meticulously with color theory in mind.Monochromatic shading plans are in light of only ONE COLOR!! While monochromatic plans without a doubt aren't my top pick, I do surmise that when they're set right they put forth a major expression. To keep monochromatic rooms from feeling exhausting and stale, it's vital to utilize a mixture of diverse shades, tints, and intensities of the shading you are utilizing. White and dark can be added to the shading plan, and in the event that you truly need to, you can toss in a little highlight shading only for good measure.
An effective monochromatic divider shading scheme utilizes a dull, medium and light shades or tones of one color. To soothe the capability of overpowering utilization of shading you can include sufficient measures of whites or off-whites, or little measure of dark or a supplement tone. Including these little sums will adjust a monochromatic inside shading plan.

Done mistakenly, a monochromatic color scheme can be dull and boring. The monochromatic color scheme depends intensely on textural components to make interest. 

The monochromatic, or low-differentiation shading plan is the best shading palette for little room outline. See little room improving thoughts. A monochromatic shading plan makes congruity, visual union, and a feeling of unwinding in any room, making it the ideal shading plan for home organizing.Any shading can be utilized as a part of monochromatic room outline, however regularly, hues utilized with the end goal of home organizing are whites, beige's, and grays. 

Numerous individuals may yawn at the thought of a room that is fundamentally composed around one shading, however by consolidating varieties in tones, compositions and embellishing with glass, objects from nature, greenery, and so on., you can make a sentiment extensive size and advancement.

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Anmol Decore Kolkata: Redesigning Kitchen ? Comprehend Kitchen Work Tria...

Anmol Decore Kolkata: Redesigning Kitchen ? Comprehend Kitchen Work Tria...: Redesigning Kitchen ? Comprehend Kitchen Work Triangle Lets say you are wanting to Renovate your kitchen. Maybe you are changin...

Redesigning Kitchen ? Comprehend Kitchen Work Triangle

Redesigning Kitchen ? Comprehend Kitchen Work Triangle

Lets say you are wanting to Renovate your kitchen. Maybe you are changing the position of Kitchen Platform or something to that effect.

Aside from how lovely your kitchen looks there is one critical outline idea which each kitchen ought to hold pleasantly.
The kitchen work triangle is an outline idea that can help make productive utilization of kitchen work spaces. The thought is that a line attracted to the fridge, sink, and reach ought to make a moderately even-sided triangle inside which the real kitchen exercises happen.

The triangle format can decrease superfluous development in the kitchen, making your utilization of the space more proficient. The primary picture in the exhibition above provides for you the thought in a diagrammatic manner. What's more tailing, we thought we'd reveal to you the triangle overlaid on some genuine spaces (from The Kitchn's kitchen visits) to truly delineate the thought.

At the point when remodeling a kitchen, the 'kitchen work triangle' is constantly said. This is a standout amongst the most central standards of ergonomic outline and probably the centerpiece of any effective kitchen. In any case what does it really mean, where did it originate from and would it say it is still pertinent today?

In basic terms, the kitchen work triangle associate the three most essential apparatuses in your kitchen:

the sink
the fridge
the cooker/ Oven

The guideline is that these three apparatuses need to be a sure separation from one another to guarantee ideal benefit. On the off chance that they're too far separated, it can make cooking a somewhat of an irritation. Excessively near one another and it might be confined.

As kitchens have grown over the long run, so excessively have the needs of the work triangle. As per its unique standards, the enormous three ought to be somewhere around four and nine feet separated — no all the more, no less. Additionally, the aggregate of each of the three sides ought to be somewhere around 13 and 26 feet. The triangle mustn't be broken by family unit activity if your kitchen is utilized for access to an alternate room.

Sounds like a great deal of guidelines, isn't that right? Nonetheless, this major outline rule has been utilized for more than 70 years to amplify kitchen space and streamline sustenance readiness.

History of the Triangle 

Grown in the 1940's by the University of Illinois School of Architecture, the kitchen work triangle was in light of exploratory administration standards that looked to enhance financial productivity. At the time, apparatuses were massive and kitchens were little — making space a hot thing. This was particularly the case after the Second World War when the lodging deficiency prompted an excess of little snappy forms. Because of these limits, the kitchen was each bit ergonomic and entirely utilized for cooking. Not the social center point it is today.

Presently, we have considerably more opportunity regarding the matter of space and machines. For instance, range cookers arrive in a mixed bag of sizes, from minimized to business, so its much less demanding for us to plan bespoke kitchens as per individual constraints. We likewise have admittance to a gigantic differences of apparatuses, in particular microwaves, dishwashers and plugin machines like blenders and toasters and flame broils. Our necessities have changed and the kitchen work triangle needs to suit various key current apparatuses that work with the different kitchen lay-outs accessible today. Yet would it say it is conceivable?

Blending the Old and the New 

The most ideal approach to attain to this is to apply the kitchen work triangle rule to diverse ranges of the kitchen, adequately making micro work-stations.

I'm calling it the 'New Kitchen Work Triangle'. As per this rule, which blends the old with the new, every kitchen needs two triangles, or micro work-stations. The main suits the three unique machines: the sink, the refrigerator and the reach cooker. The second triangle is for the current ones: the microwave, the dishwasher and the plugin machine. Vitally, the triangles mustn't cover.

Whilst its beginning to sound like a great deal of diligent work, look at these visualizations underneath to perceive how the New Kitchen Work Triangles can be connected to distinctive kitchen formats. It's a ton simpler that it appears.


Gallery Layout

Island Layout



In the modern home, the kitchen is a multipurpose room, a social space, a hot work area. From homework to local gatherings, its created past its unique capacity and come to portray the family that uses it. All things considered, its truly critical to consider how you'll utilize your kitchen past the undeniable need of get ready dinners. It's a space of work and play, and this needs to be considered when considering your kitchen work triangles.

In a general sense, there are no guidelines with regards to kitchen remodel. Each room and prerequisite is distinctive. On the other hand, by remembering the standards of the New Kitchen Work Triangles and applying them to different readiness regions in your kitchen, you can outline a space that is as fun as it is useful.

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Property Buying Trends Changed For Kolkata

Property Buying Trends Changed For Kolkata

Have you ever wondered why a neat and clean, better-maintained and well-renovated house in your locality is often considered a cut above the rest and also commands better value and rental returns? The fact is home improvement always pays not only in a rising market, but also in a downturn. 

Genuine, property is viewed as a long term investment. Anyway in perspective of the way that a house is generally the greatest interest in one's lifetime, you have to stay informed regarding and help your home's fleeting esteem too. Also reinvesting in a house is dependably the most ideal approach to keep it in prime condition and add to its sale-ability.
"A redesigning of the house not just gives another look to the spot, additionally increases the value of the property as the potential purchaser might not need to spend on repairs and rebuilding. In the event that done well, the worth can bounce up to 20% of the house estimation," says Mumbai-based inside and astro-vastu specialist Harsha Jalgavkar. There are a few components which, actually, oblige reinvestment.

Case in point, with time all structures experience wear and tear and, in this way, there is a consistent requirement for opportune and legitimate upkeep. Essentially, reinvestment is at times obliged on account of the requirement for up-gradation. For example, new materials are continually being presented in the business and supplanting old completions with better alternatives may be fiscally compensating. "Today's clients search for keen homes with creative arrangements, and anything shy of their desires won't have the capacity to bring a superior cost. Regardless of the possibility that offering or leasing is not your objective, then an astutely revamped house can simply be your prized ownership," says Vineet Nanda, VP (marketing and business development), Central Park, one of India's chief land organizations.

However there is an expression of alert however. While trying to support the estimation of your home, you ought not try too hard in light of the fact that home changes don't pay past a point. Thankfully, there are various inventive and cheap arrangements accessible in the business today, and you simply need to spotlight on the right ones and on those that offer the most value for the money. You can start with enhancing the look of the house, keeping it clean and making more space inside.  All these expense almost no yet can provide for you the greatest return—up to 400 percent of the sum spent, by.

Sanjeev Shrivasta, the administrator and overseeing chief of Assotech,says,"the New Age clients are discovering group living more alluring given the way of offices offered and the simplicity in handling support and security, which is the obligation of the RWA."
As per him, a run of the mill home buyer does not have sufficient energy or vitality to extra to fabricate a house. Sanjay Khanna,director of Kailash Nath Khanna Projects Pvt Ltd, says: "Building an individual house includes not simply planning, however discovering the right foreman for the development. What's more it doesn't end there, as approvals and endorsements for utility associations will in any case must be autonomous house additionally has issues of security and support. These can demonstrate a deterrent,especially when loft buildings and manors with condition of-the-workmanship offices are accessible."
The way that crisp area for individual houses is no more accessible inside the capital again goes about as a dampener. Getting the fancied area is a further motivation for homebuyers to settle on gated groups or condo buildings, Khanna includes. In the wake of listening to all these arguments,you are left with no choice however to try for a level. But,will your level last more than 50 years or more? 
Upkeep of the basic offices would take a stab at an expense. Normally they go from Rs 1 every sqft to Rs 2.5 (for extravagance properties) every month. 

Disadvantages of Flat in complex

• Limited or no opportunity to make alterations to the outsides your home. 
•  Very restricted space to create hobbies such cultivating or becoming littler ranch creatures (social orders basically protest the same). 
• Sound leakage between the divider of the bordering lofts or voice from lower or higher floor could bother you and visa versa particularly on the off chance that you have a nighttime neighbor. 
• If you are a devotee to "great dividers make great neighbors", then condo may not be the best choice. A deep rooted issue in the event that you can't coexist with your neighbors in the same floor. 
• No adaptability to extend the space for future needs as your youngsters develop or if your folks move into live. 

Advantages of independent house

• An autonomous house gives you more prominent level of flexibility. 
• Ability to plan the house according to your wish. 
• Future alteration of outsides according to the most recent patterns and wishes. 
• If you have distinct fascination in planting then you would have a space to expand on your advantage or develop your pets. 
• More security with no more issues as to sound sweep-age. 
• You can simply grow the space according to prerequisite later on when your youngsters grow up. 
• You can create the higher floors when you need to make some extra wage.


Property Buying Trends in Kolkata

The state capital of West Bengal, Kolkata, may not be a decent terminus for the developers however it is a perfect spot for the individuals who are searching for reasonable house. 
For the moderate house purchasers, Dum Cantonment , Garia and Kostepur are perfect ends as these spots have great correspondence offices and bases. Notwithstanding metro rail integration,  these territory are decently furnished with crucial courtesies like schools, healing centers and banks and so on that are needed by the end clients. 
In Dum Dum Cantonment, home can be possessed at the normal value scope of Rs 2600 every sqft. While the same is accessible in Kotespur at a normal cost of Rs 2,858 every sq ft. In Garia, the purchaser would need to shell out all the more as the costs here somewhat more. The value run here changes from Rs 2651 to Rs 3503 every sqft, contingent upon region. Then again, in Alipore, the house costs are all the more as this range has incredible foundation and network, and above all it is a halfway placed that provides for it conspicuousness. A home here can be purchased at the rate anyplace between Rs 7,100 and Rs13,278 every sqft. 

For the individuals who are choosing a tiny bit extravagance living, can go to Narendrapur. Found on the southern edge of the state capital, Narendrapur offers extraordinary base and integration, also open space. A ton of improvement work is in advancement in the region that incorporates metro rail system and Eastern Bypass Road that have fundamentally added imperativeness to the area.
It will be extremely savvy to buy an individual house in beneficial area in kolkata, however the house is old or obliged a colossal redesign. Hand over the house to a redesign expart and interior designer like ANMOL DECORE KOLKATA, for renovating and create a new look  building with advanced enhancements there. It not just give the advanced angle in the house additionally give a colossal esteem as far as financial in your property.