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Modular Kitchens Ideas and Anmol Decore Services

Modular Kitchens

A kitchen is more than a room where the work of feeding your family gets done. If you’re like most homeowners, it’s no less than the heart and soul of your household–a gathering point, a center of activity day or night, a creative place, an extension of your personality and passions. Anmol Decore has created this Design Guide full of beautiful ideas to help you define the ideal kitchen for your lifestyle. We’re here to help you and your custom cabinetmaker make the kitchen of your dreams a stunning reality.A well-planned kitchen is one that functions efficiently,and yet is attractive and easy to maintain. To design an efficient kitchen, the designer must consider the room's function, location, decor, size, and shape just as with other rooms. However, because a kitchen requires so much equipment, the design of a kitchen entails additional considerations and decisions.

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Your tastes, your style.....

Who wants to live with a kitchen that’s out of a box when you can have one that’s out of this world? By choosing an experienced crafts person to create your custom cabinets, your new kitchen will be an extension of your personality, lifestyle and individuality.Your custom cabinetmaker cares about the way your kitchen fits your needs and your personality. That’s why he or she teams with Anmol Decore. We’re acclaimed throughout the industry for our uncompromising quality, unparalleled selection and unbeatable reliability.Before you build your new kitchen, make sure you are selecting the country’s most distinctive cabinet doors, drawer sand accessories. Choose a custom cabinetmaker who chooses Anmol Decore .

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Our Services

• Chooses the best quality materials for durability and style.
• Accesses a greater variety of accessories to personalize your kitchen.
• Builds the cabinets they install to ensure a perfect fit.
• Depends more on referrals. Their reputations are their greatest asset.
• Will personally come to your home to answer questions and solve any problems.
• Designs kitchens that are built to your specifications not “out of the box” standard sizes.
• Works directly for you!

One of the most enjoyable features of custom kitchen cabinetry is that you and your cabinetmaker can choose the functional options and accessories that help you work better and more efficiently. Of course, because you have planned your kitchen to perfectly match your lifestyle, any options are sure to help you function more beautifully as well.

Green Concept Kitchen with Dining
Kitchen Planning Guidelines 

Remember the following guidelines for designing efficient kitchens.


1. The food preparation centers include the storage and mixing center, the cooking center, and the cleanup center.

2. Eachwork area includes all necessary appliances and facilities.

3. Adequate storage facilities need to be provided throughout the kitchen.


4. Traffic lanes are clear of the work triangle.

5. The kitchen is located adjacent to the dining area.

6. The kitchen should be located near the children's play area.


7. The work triangle measures no more than 22' (6688 mm) or less than 12’ (3658 mm).

8. Lapboard heights are 26" (660 mm).

9. Working heights for counters are 36” (914 mm).

10. Working heights for tables are 30” (762 mm).

11. Adequate counter space is provided for meal preparation.

12. Allow at least 12" (305 mm) for knee space if counters are used as eating areas.

13.If space allows, include a pantry to store food staple quantities.

14.Allow at least 4' (1219 mm) for aisle space between cabinets or appliances.

15.Allow at least 1S'(381 mm) on each side of an island cook top for utensil storage.

16. Keep shelves within a reachable height (maximum height 84").

17. Counter space is provided next to each appliance.


18. An adequate number of electrical outlets are provided for each work center.

19. Shadow less and glare less light is provided and is concentrated on each work center.

20. Plumbing lines are planned for sink(s), ice maker, and any purified water system.

21. Provide adequate ventilation through overhead hoods, downdraft cooking fume exhausts, circulating ceiling fans, and/ or adequate heating/ air conditioning systems.


22. The oven and range are separated from the refrigerator by at least one cabinet and a continuous counter.

23. Cabinet and appliance locations are pinned according to manufacturer's  recommendations. 

24. Allow for door swing on all appliances.

25. The direction of door openings on appliances and cabinets should allow easy access from the work triangle.

26. The refrigerator door should open toward the food preparation work space.

27. If a microwave oven is included, add a heat-resistant counter top between the cook top and microwave.

28. Position the dishwasher next to the sink for easy loading.

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